Vehicle Location Tracking System shall provide visibility of vehicles’ live location to back-office supervisors by real-time location tracking to ensure drivers are following assigned / appropriate route and shall provide monitoring dashboard, reports and several notifications to ensure real-time location tracking.

Back-office monitoring tool shall be made available on mobile devices as well as desktop workstations and shall be used by supervisors.


  1. Shall provide back-office administration and monitoring tool such as monitoring dashboard, reports, and alert notifications on mobile devices and as well as workstations (desktop computers and laptops)? YES
  2.  Shall provide real-time location tracking of the vehicles using maps? YES
  3. Shall have features to alerts back-office administrators on any factors that may negatively impact  operations such as deviation if any from the published route and timetable, over speeding, hard breaking, crossing a geo-fence, etc.? YES
  4. Shall have reporting functionality to generate performance, statistical and historical reports such as trips done by vehicles, alerts for deviation from the published route and timetable etc., Reports shall be exportable in excel/PDF format? YES
  5. Shall have user administration functionality to define various roles with different access rights ? YES
  6. Shall have features to register / deregister vehicles? YES

How to contributes to the strategic plans of your organization.

  • Sustainability for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction
  • Smart Planning strategy needs to include plans for the types of vehicles you will own, the number you need and the way you will maintain them.
  • Increasing the productivity of the fleet operations

Top#5 Hardware and telematics devices manufacturers

  • Teltonika
  • Navtelecom
  • Ruptela
  • Queclink Wireless Solutions
  • Galileosky

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